Essay on local festival

Various festivals and events in Goa are celebrated with all the pomp and show. The long list of the most-popular Fairs and Festivals includes Monsoon Festival Goa, Christmas & New Year Celebrations in Goa and the Festival of Three Kings Feast. Whether you’re just visiting Germany or have lived here for a while, attending German festivals can be an easy and exciting way to discover German culture and local German food. You can also check which German festivals coincide with German public and school holidays or read our pick of top 10 German festivals. 6 January: Epiphany Some people correlate Holi festival with Holika, the sister of Hirnakashyap, mythological father of Bhagat Prahlad. Recently evolved festivals. Sindhi Cultural Day, Sindhi cultural day is an annual festival celebrated in Sindh by Sindhis and across the world by the Sindhi diaspora; Literary festivals. Sindh Literature Festival Yi Peng (or Yee Peng) is a festival of light that coincides with Loy Krathong in Thailand. It’s a Lanna festival so it is mainly celebrated in the northern part of the country. The festival takes place during the 2nd lunar month of the Lanna calendar (Yi means ‘2nd’ and Peng means ‘month’) which usually falls on a November.