Hollow eyelids flickr

Hollow eyelids create shadows so it’s essential to avoid other sources of shadow such as the eyebrows for example. The higher and thinner the eyebrows, the less obvious the darkness of the eyelid. The goal is to brighten up the eye. Explore hollow eyelids's 355 photos on Flickr! Goals: Upper eyelid lift and transconjunctival lower eyelid blepharoplasty was performed on this man. An internal lateral brow pexy (brow lift of the outside portion of his eyebrow through the same incision as the eyelid surgery) was performed as well in order to adjust his brow position. There are numerous images of Little Italy in this picture. The Cannoli Shack; the Most Precious Blood Church entrance; the Italian flag; the incredible mural on the wall and the sign for Cha Cha Backyard Garden and Bar. It captures the feel of NYC and a small piece of its varied ethnic culture.