Subsidy for fish farming in rajasthan

Jun 20, 2017 · in this video I am introducing you to schemes those running by fishery department government of india. government providing 75% subsidy for starting fish farm. you can earn money with this project ... I am professionally qualified and would like to start poultry cum fish farming business on my plot in Nagpur, Maharashtra.Please guide me the procedure to avail loan and subsidy under Govt scheme. If both poultry and fish farming is not possible , I am fine to start up my business with poultry farming only. Please guide and help Mar 18, 2015 · dairy farming subsidy. Introduction to Dairy in India: In India, one of the biggest commercial business in rural areas is dairy farming.Setting up a dairy farm even on a small scale requires a more initial investment. 2. Subsidy @ 50% as per prescribed norms will be available for crates and nets (shed and anti-hail only) in integration with commercial horticulture projects of production as one time assistance. Subsidy for crates shall be released only after its actual purchase at appropriate stage, which shall be at stage of fruiting / harvesting. Short term loan to Fish Farmers: Fish farmers undertaking scientific fish farming in their existing fish ponds and availing short term loan under KCC, would be eligible for loan at a subsidized rate of interest of 7%. Further, an interest incentive at 3% shall be given to those fish farmers who are prompt in repayment over & above 7%.