What is precipitate in chemistry

Chemistry. Glossary of chemistry terms . Meaning and definition of selective precipitation : a method of separating metal ions from an aqueous mixture by using a reagent whose anion forms a precipitate with only one or a few of the ions in the mixture. (4.7, 8.8) A precipitate is a condensate, often the result of a chemical or physical change. In chemistry, a precipitate is a solid insoluble product formed by a chemical reaction within a solution. floating on the surface or over something | [chemistry] (of a liquid) lying above a sediment or settled precipitate (18 of 194 words, 2 definitions, pronunciation) www .collinsdictionary .com /dictionary /english /supernatant Science · Chemistry · Chemical reactions and stoichiometry · Limiting reagent stoichiometry Gravimetric analysis and precipitation gravimetry Definition of precipitation gravimetry, and an example of using precipitation gravimetry to determine the purity of a mixture containing two salts. The answer to this question would be: B. a solid that forms when two liquids are mixed. Precipitation is creating a solid substance from the solution. The product is called precipitate and the solution would be called supernate.